From Alison Darling…

I was the lucky recipient of Megan’s instagram contest at one of the bridal shows. I wanted you to note this as she was amazing even though I had won her contest. I had the day-of wedding coordination. I had always thought that day-of wedding coordination was a one day thing but Megan met with me twice before hand to go over all the details I had for the wedding. She was very thorough and made sure I had thought of everything. As a person that is already quite organized I could not have done it without Megan. The day of the wedding she made sure everything was decorated the right way, that the vendors knew what the plan was and that everyone was happy. When Grandma decided she needed to do a speech even though she wasn’t on our list…. Megan was on it, making sure we were okay with that and that Grandma knew she only had 2 minutes. There was not a moment during the wedding where I was stressed, actually many people told me i was the calmest bride they had come across….. i’m going to thank Megan for that!

Thank you for making our day magical and stress free!!

From the Longs…

Honestly, what can I say? Megan went above and beyond for my husband and I. She really cared about our family and made the extra effort to help ease our stress. Our wedding was amazing, the décor looked so good, and the vendors were all coordinated so well we didn’t even notice the little issues they had, she took care of it all! We love you Megan, would hire you again and again! All you brides should too!!!

From Scott Patterson…

My Wife hired Megan to coordinate our wedding. Though skeptical at first if we actually needed her services my opinion swiftly changed.
She handled everything in a prompt and professional manor. She assisted in the set up the changes that occurred the night before and with clean up. Megan came in with her team at nights end and surprised me with how quickly she took everything down. Best of all she knew where everything was. Megan demonstrates extreme value and is worth every nickel.

From a reluctant bride…

I never envisioned having or planning a wedding, even when I was a little girl. When my fiancé popped the question (and I happily accepted) I knew I was in trouble once the immediate excitement subsided…because we would have to plan a wedding. Both of us are very low key and very busy – me with my job and school and him working out of town for weeks at time, it was evident we needed help…a lot of help! Enter the wedding planner… I started to research wedding planners: they were either ridiculously expensive, didn’t offer a package appropriate for our needs or weren’t personable at all and definitely saw me as just another client. Megan Sawchuk from Megan Sawchuk Weddings was exactly the planner for us, she was reasonably priced, was willing to create a package tailored to our needs, incredibly personable and saw us as a couple who needed help; she was focused on us not the paycheque.

Megan reduced our stress by literally planning every aspect of our wedding yet making sure our personalities were evident down to the tiniest detail. She took the time to get to know us as a couple to get the vision right. She meticulously scrutinized the flower order, photography list and contracts with vendors in addition to designing our program/schedule and liaising with the Master of Ceremony. She took responsibility of reserving the various items and chairs even if it meant driving two and a half hours to get the exact vases for the head table we wanted. Megan also consulted with the caterer and advised us on our alcohol order and sourced bartenders. She made the most incredibly creative suggestions on decor and brought to our attention things we had overlooked. Neither of us knew much about wedding traditions or the unwritten protocol and she guided us through those as well. She also came up with back up plans for our ceremony site in case it rained and other logistics such as the hall layout and even helped us with our seating plan. I have only highlighted a fraction of what Megan did.

One moment that stands out for me, was when my wedding party and I went shopping for decor items with her; all the suggestions being thrown at me and details and upcoming deadlines for the wedding was really getting to me so I bottled it up yet she could tell I was overwhelmed and needed a break so she pulled me aside and suggested a lunch break. Her kindness was touching.

The planning phase and set up were smooth sailing. Megan was also able to make sure the big day was a breeze as well by making sure vendors got paid,the cake and donuts arrived at the hall, candles were lit, DJ was ready to go for cocktails and that the food tables were laid properly for the caterer. The hall was immaculately set up; chairs perfect, napkins folded, flowers placed…even put kleenex at the podium. We told her what our vision was and she made it come true. We experienced a worry-free pre-wedding time and had the most amazing wedding and reception. I highly recommend her professional services to every bride!